New Paradigm

LEVEL 5 aims to become the new paradigm of fashion industry with exceptional fashion sense of Korean fashion designers who have worldwide recognition. We also provide designers with insight on the fashion trend with our market analysis and efficient system using global production line.

Emerging Designers

More than hundreds of our emerging designers are bold enough to experiment new designs but still finds out the best way to satiate the consumer’s taste, completing the so called “Korean Chic” style. It is a unique design that is loved by both males and females from any country.

Fast Fashion

We are comprised of 30+ top brands that are leading the Korean fast fashion market. Our brands have developed unique ways to implement witty and creative additions which propagates the “LEVEL 5 Vision” to every individuals looking for young, hip, and trendy lifestyle.

Located in COEX Mall

In newly reformed COEX mall as a cultural platform, LEVEL 5 offers the hottest trend through incubating young fashion designers and by hosting various collaborations.

Location: COEX Mall Central Plaza

Open Hours: AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00

Store Contact Number: +82 – 2 – 551 – 5000

*LEVEL 5 MYUNGDONG has currently been closed for the re-open to take place in S-Factory later this year.



Lab5 looks for young and talented fashion designers and supports them by providing retail space and marketing service, allowing them step up further into fashion career. 


Through collaboration with indie designers and LEVEL 5,  we offer unique fashion items that can be distinguished from other brands


Lab5 is a networking hub for young, passionate fashion designers and trendy shoppers.